De strategie: demonstratie volgens voorbeeld

Deze originele campagne toont aan makelaars wat het is om als online prospect geïnteresseerd te zijn in een verzekeringspolis en zo hun slechte zichtbaarheid aan te duiden op de gebruikelijke zoekmachines.

That’s why they decided to call upon our team Strategie One, specialized in relationship marketing, to develop a dialogue with the target group. Using a personalised approach, we wanted brokers to realise their lack of online visibility, so as to offer them a tailored solution with the Generali e-partners programme, which notably offers the brokers to benefit from the company’s SEA and SEO to get better rankings. Generali’s offer also gives access to a digital programme that enables prospects to simulate an online subscription. To make a lasting impression, we chose a communication strategy based on demonstration by example.

Effectively, given that more and more prospects get information and sign up for insurance via the Internet, a good ranking is essential for capturing all the sales opportunities. This is what we wanted to demonstrate to the independent brokers!

In order to present the Generali e-partners programme in an original manner, we developed a direct mail campaign based on a personalised simulation for each broker. By showing them what poor online rankings they have, we wanted to make them aware of a key issue for their business. This approach provoked a genuine re-think of their sales strategy. Mission accomplished!

To do this, we implemented a dynamic e-mail campaign in two steps, addressed to a target of 200 independent brokers:

1) Teasing phase

The first contact with our target audience was intended to simulate a prospect searching for insurance on Google. The result? The broker showed up nowhere in the search engine results and could therefore not be found by the prospect.
Intrigued, the brokers wasted no time in contacting Generali pro-actively to find out more. The buzz had started!

2) Conversion phase

Several days later, we sent a second e-mail to each broker in order to present them the Generali e-partners programme, with numerous solutions that make up for this lack of visibility. We also integrated a call-to-action in order to enable each broker to sign up directly for the programme.

This approach modernizes the B2B advertising approach, which is usually based on passive communication. Our creative and dynamic strategy subverted the codes, making our audience aware of their own failures – so creating a need. This approach then allowed us to provide the solution to their issues through the e-partners programme.

After realising how much they were losing, the brokers were particularly open to the group’s solution. At present, 180 independent brokers out of 300 – almost 60% of the target – have joined Generali’s e-partner programme!


Uploaded by Generali Belgium on 2016-04-25.

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